• A Partner You Will Keep
    Available anywhere in north America
    "...these guys are really like AV Seals"
    Here at AVSC, we can help you design the perfect event. From creative stage design,
    custom effects & lighting, as well as the right audio system for the room.
    National Associations and Fortune 500 companies from around the country
    rely on AVSC for our creative skills and the level of consistency we bring.
  • Live Streaming, Green Screen & Much More!
  • New HD LED Videowalls
    High Impact - High Definition.
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General Sessions

No matter if your budget minded associtaion, or a fortune 500 company. AVSC will help you design a look that brands your event perfectly.

Breakout Rooms

We are extremly good at 5 rooms or 150, AVSC can help.

Trade Shows

Custom diplays for any trade show in doors or outside, AVSC has the experience to make you look incredible!

Our Heritage

Since 1965, AVSC has been a highly trusted name in the industry. (Read More)